Hidden Cocktail Bar in Chicago Will Make You Fall in Love with Your Drink

When was the last time you looked at your cocktail and thought, “I really don’t want to drink this.” Not because you couldn’t fathom one sip thinking that something bad might happen but because of its beauty and elegance. Okay, so not everyone might get into their drinks like I do, but I sure appreciate a cocktail that was created and presented to me with care. I fell in love again over the weekend, sorry babe! I went to a cocktail bar named, The Sixth which is located in Lincoln Square. This cocktail bar is hidden behind dark windows and kind of hard to find. To be honest I almost missed the bar driving there. As odd as this may sound, I like places that force you to look for them that are hidden. From the time I walked through their doors to the time I left, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there. Let’s get into why this place is one of my favorite cocktail bars in Chicago right now

Friendly staff –Contrary to what others may say in their Google reviews I was warmly greeted when I entered with my boyfriend. As soon as I walked into the bar I was immediately greeted by the hostess and was told I could sit anywhere I’d like. I think this is super important for any restaurant and bar to do for their guests. If a guest has to walk in and wait around awkwardly until someone greets them then it just sets a negative first impression. Our waitress was very friendly, super smiley and gave us just the right amount of time to order our drinks.

Cool decor-When I walked in the bar I got an underground feel from the place. The space of the place is pretty small and with all the books on the wall I felt like I was in a vintage bookstore. The seats were close together and the booths were also fairly intimate. There were beautiful white marbles tables and black mirrored glass on the ceiling. The walls had a matte black color to them that looked really nice in the light. The bar had these lights that looked like flames on each side and the music played was surprisingly… metal. In previous visits to bars like these usually house music or more relaxed music is played but not this one. The décor and music were so different but it worked for me.

Awesome drinks-I ordered the drink called, “All Summer in a Day.” Out. Of. This.World. I told my boyfriend who was with me “I think this is one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had.” Here are the ingredients of the cocktail: Ford’s Gin, Yellow Chartreuse, basil powder, and a homemade watermelon ice cube. Sweet, simple and delicious. All the ingredients just worked perfectly together. I can tell the bartender mixed all of them together perfectly and used just the right amount of each to make it taste amazing. The cocktail really did taste like summer in a glass, and the best part? It looked beautiful.

They put a handmade watermelon cube alongside what I am guessing is baby’s breath, a little dash of basil powder and fresh mint leaves. Look how pretty it looks! This drink is really worth checking out. I am not a fan of gin but after this drink I might consider ordering more gin cocktails, if they’re made correctly. The watermelon cube was made from what I believe is real watermelon juice. It was just so whimsical and delicious. The best way I can explain it is if Willy Wonka had a bar in his factory, this drink would be on the top of the cocktail menu. Trust me, you have to try it. This cocktail alone gives the place 10/10.

Awesome gin cocktail in Chicago
All Summer in a Day Photo by Belinda Sanmiguel












Happy ending-When I received my check during the last call it was handed to me in an old novel book with a loyalty card. Why does this matter? Well here’s why. How a check is presented to me matters. A check usually isn’t always the highlight of dinner or drinks. It’s actually kind of sad. One because it means the night is over (at this time the bar was closing) and two because it’s time to pay (boo). Businesses that can creatively present a check are winning in my opinion and are putting more value in their business. Anyone can just throw a receipt on an ugly black “Thank You” check book, but the business that stand out to me do more. I really think the creative touch of putting the check into a real book and also encouraging me to sign up for their loyalty program is a nice way to keep a relationship with me. The establishment is encouraging me to come back and guess what? You better believe I signed up for the loyalty program before I left the bar.


I highly recommend The Sixth if you’re into cocktails, cool vibes and just a different kind of scene. It’s a classy place that’s creative in all that they do. I believe their cocktail menu changes regularly so get the All Summer in a Day before it falls off the menu! 😉

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